Fly Fishing in the Catskills

Fly fishing season in the Catskills opens on April 1 and continues until mid-October. Catskill Mountain waters have gained fame as the birthplace of American fly fishing, and to this day our waterways are home to some of the best fly fishing in the Northeast, visited by avid anglers from around the world. Varieties of trout and bass thrive in the peaceful environment of pristine mountains and clear, cold water. From the area’s vast reservoirs that compose the New York City Watershed, to numerous lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, there is an abundance of fly fishing hotspots around Delaware County. There’s no better destination to catch some fish!

Before you hang that “Gone Fishing” sign on your door and head out for a splendid day on the water, make sure to get a New York State fishing license and get familiar with Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) regulations. Find any gear you might need at one of our sporting goods specialty stores.

Now you’re ready to go out and find your way to one of our best and proudest fishing hot spots:

Aside from fly fishing, the stillwaters in our region yield great catches too. Try our lakes (Big Pond in Andes or Beaver Spring Pond in Davenport) or reservoirs (Cannonsville, Pepacton or East Sidney). To utilize the reservoirs, you’ll need an additional access permit.

Get an outdoor guide

If you’re not familiar with our waterways or fly fishing, or you just want the company of a seasoned angling expert on your fishing excursion, hiring a Catskills outdoor guide is a wonderful option. Get expert recommendations, personal lessons and an entirely customized experience with one of our many local guides.

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