Views in the Catskill Mountains

It simply takes going for a short drive in Delaware County to realize the stunning beauty that can appear at any turn. As soon as you enter the Great Western Catskills the landscape is undeniably gorgeous. The rolling mountains surround the road on each side and then out of nowhere, a gap in the mountains expose a vast view of the valley ahead, or an opening in the trees unveil a stunning view of a charming dairy farm. 

View of Stamford, NY, from Mt. Utsayantha


There are endless views to speak of in the area. We asked Catskill regulars and locals to share some of their favorites. We’ve gathered a few unexpected, a known favorites, and some insider secrets. Bring this list with you as you explore the Great Western Catskills and jot down your own as you cruise through the mountains. 

Cyndi Wright enjoys the view at “the top of Cabin Hill Road as you are headed to Andes.” She also loves the view from the Shavertown Bridge at sunrise or sunset. “It’s a beautiful view from the middle of the bridge.”

Cabin Hill Road is a portion of County Route 2 that runs from Delancey to Andes, NY, also known as Andes-Delancey Road. Shavertown Bridge can be accessed by NY-30. This bridge crosses the Pepacton Reservoir.

“The high spot on Dunk Hill Road,” offers Brenda Beswick.

Dunk Hill Road, in Walton, NY, is off East Brook Road/County Route 22.

View from Palmer Hill which shows mountains covered in lush greenery. Palmer Hill is in Andes, New York.

View from Palmer Hill, Andes, NY


“Palmer Hill in Andes, NY, never fails to bring tears to my eyes,” says Ashling Kelly. “I make a ‘pilgrimage’ there every year.”

Access to Palmer Hill is found on NY-28 between Andes and Margaretville.

“The intersection of MacGibbon Hollow and Chambers Hollow in Walton,” offers Mary Loker Hafele.

Chambers Hollow can be found between Hamden and Walton, NY, on NY-10.

John Clark’s favorite view is “the top of Seely Wood Road near Walton.”

You can get to Seely Wood Road via Lower Third Brook Road, found off NY-206 in Walton.

View of the Catskills looking toward Walton, New York. Perfect clouds in the sky.

Walton, NY


“The top of Roxbury Mountain, viewing Roses Brook towards South Kortright,” is one of the favorites of Candace Conlon Rudd.

Roxbury Mountain can be accessed on County Route 44 in Roxbury and venture over the mountain to County Route 18.

“The view of Denver Vega Valley from the Old School Baptist Church,” is Jenny Rosenzweig’s favorite view.

The Old School Baptist Church is located at the intersection of County Route 36 and Cartwright Road in Denver, NY.

Lush green foothills covered in trees.

Photo courtesy of The College Golf Course at Delhi


Liz Brosi offers her favorite view of “The College Golf Course at Delhi, from any direction.”

The golf course is located at 85 Scotch Mountain Road in Delhi, NY.

“Look to the right while driving up Margaretville Mountain Road towards Margaretville, you will see a beautiful view of the valley. Winter is best because the leaves are gone,” shares Ann Marie Thurgood.

Arrive on Margaretville Mountain Road from New Kingston heading towards Margaretville to enjoy this view. 

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite views of Delaware County. This is nowhere near all or even half of the stunning views here. Discover more for yourself as you adventure through the area and don’t shy away from taking a moment for a deep breath to appreciate the natural beauty of the Great Western Catskills.