U-Pick Blueberry Season!

Mid-summer in Delaware County means the start of berry picking season. Picking your own means fun for the whole family. Blueberries are currently in season, but there are plenty of more U-pick crops heading our way soon.

Below are some local farms currently offering blueberry picking. Be sure to check their website or call ahead for all the information you and your family require. Happy picking!

Blue Sky Farm Winery
779 Charcoal Road
Stamford, New York 12167
Roughly 5 acres of the farm is covered by the two main types of blueberries, Patriot and Blue Crop. The farm is open for the picking. Please call ahead for details.

In the foreground are blueberry bushes full of deep blue blueberries. In the background is a bright blue sky and rolling hills.

Photo courtesy of Blue Sky Farm & Winery

Homegrown Farmstead

2113 Lee Hollow Road
Bovina, New York 13740
The Farmstead’s blueberry orchard is now open! Stop by the farm store for maps and baskets. Blackberry picking is coming soon!

Northstar Blueberry Farm
595 Franklin Heights Road
Franklin, NY, 13775
The farm specializes in heritage varietals and has over 13,000 blueberry bushes that are a combination of Bluecrop, Blueray and Patriot. They are open for You-Pick every weekend, starting in mid-July, from 9am to 5pm. They supply buckets for picking and freezer bags so that you can take your berries home.


a white hand is full of plump, dark blue blueberries in front of a green blueberry bush

Photo courtesy of Northstar Blueberry Farm

Steve’s Greenhouse
37784 State Highway 10
Hamden, NY 13782
While Steve’s Greenhouse already has all sorts of plants and flowers for your garden, they also offer blueberry picking in their field.

Windy Knob Blueberry Farm
6517 Turnpike Rd, Delhi, NY 13753
Family owned and operated for 40 years, they are open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset from mid-July until all the berries are picked in late September or the beginning of October.


close up photo of a blueberry bush full of plump, deep blue and purple blueberries.

photo courtesy of Windy Knob Blueberry Farm