Spotlight on The Roxbury at Stratton Falls

The team behind the Roxbury Motel has done it again. The Roxbury at Stratton Falls is now booking “mansion rooms” and “tower cottages” at the newly constructed site just 2 miles up the road (and down river) from the existing site of their themed rooms and suites. 

Celebrated as one of the best hotel lodgings in the country from authorities like HGTV, TLC and the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association, the new Stratton Falls compound achieves an outstanding balance of showing off the historic site’s natural beauty, as well as its meticulously curated interiors.

This impressive wonderland is every bit as whimsical and sophisticated as one would expect from founders Greg Henderson and Joe Massa, who dressed in colorful attire, sequined jackets and top hats for their soft opening reveal in late November. They are not just building a place to stay and relax, but a full blown sensory experience – a feast for the eyes and journey for the senses. Plus with this new expansion visitors and locals alike can explore the trails and waterfalls that make this such a beautiful place.

The entire property, from the Crooked Cabana Spa to the smaller, unexpected nooks, is adorned with textured wall paper and intricate tile work, all begging you to feel your way around each corner. From the furniture to the fixtures, the bedspreads to the bathrooms, the Roxbury Experience is taken to the next level in rooms called The Pampered Postmaster, The Superhero Incognito, and Cinderella’s Gown. In the room called Dracula’s Fangs, there is a chandelier that contains actual dried bats, an example of the types of details guests have come to know and love from this team. Their commitment to the theme is palpable, and makes staying in these rooms a true adventure with details to discover and appreciate throughout the entire stay.


Clockwise from top left: Cinderella’s Gown, gold-tiled sink details, starry woodland wall paper, exterior sculptures, trails and water features, chandelier in Dracula’s Fangs room.

For history buffs, the Brothers Stratton room on the second floor of the mansion house was designed to be a modern homage to the site’s original settlers from the 1790s. A direct descendant of Joseph and Samuel Stratton showed guests around the room at the opening reception, telling stories of the revolutionary war fighters’ journey from Connecticut to the Catskill mountains. Presumed to have built some type of log home upon settling, the room has a cabin feel with a custom musket-and-saber bed canopy, a rustic painted American flag, a large walk-in shower with 10 high ceilings, and spectacular views of the tower cottages and distant peaks.

With a new website up and running, you can browse images, more video clips of the new The Roxbury at Stratton Falls, and of course, book your stay. Come to Delaware County to discover what the Roxbury Experience is all about.