Take a Plunge in the Great Western Catskills

The Great Western Catskills have long been a destination to escape the heat of New York City. Albeit, that began before there was A/C in your 5th Floor apartment, but the charm, cool breeze, and swimming spots, continue to make the area a fantastic summer getaway. We have many events, festivals, and Vintage Base Ball games to provide you with something to do while you’re here but double down on the pleasure by staying in a resort or rental that has a refreshing pool or swimming area on site. Here are just a few examples of how you can enjoy the water while in Delaware County. 

Photo courtesy of The Roxbury

The rooms at Stratton Falls at The Roxbury all have elaborate, well-executed themes and the Crooked Cabana Pool and Spa is the icing on the cake for this iconic stay. Refresh yourself after a day of exploring Roxbury by going for a walk to the falls and then jumping in the Crooked Cabana Pool. 

Homestead Farm Resort has a circular outdoor pool located on 250 acres in the rural mountains of Margaretville, NY. They also have a pond with paddle boats and kayaks for you to enjoy. 

Photo courtesy of Homestead Farm Resort

Photo courtesy of The Colonial Motel

The Colonial Motel in Grand Gorge, NY, offers an outdoor swimming pool. Stay in this rural town and enjoy the option to cool off with a splash.

Enjoy luxury cabins right along the Delaware River at the West Branch Angler Resort. A one-stop-shop for fishing as well as a great place to stay if you’d like to take an afternoon dip in the river.

The Beaver Del offers hotel rooms and campsites along the East Branch of the Delaware. You can wade in the water or launch a drift boat as a way to cool down. 

Stay in the Lakeview Suite at Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm and enjoy all the water activities this bed & breakfast has to offer. They have kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake, a swimming hole and a dam to explore. 

Photo courtesy of Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm

view from the deck of the Silver Lake House

The Silver Lake House offers a peaceful stay on the water in Hancock, NY. Nothing compares to waking up right on the water or going for a slow swim after your morning coffee. 

This gorgeous home located on the East Branch of the Delaware River has a lovely view of the water and easy access to the river. Enjoy the water in a kayak or cool down with a swim. 

Village pools are easily accessible and provide a swift option for cooling off. The village of Walton has a lovely public pool that where host swimming classes and arts and crafts activities for kids throughout the summer. Delhi, NY, has a public pool at the Delhi American Legion near the town playground. Stop by Andes, NY, for their public pool that attracts everyone far and wide. The two pools are surrounded by grassy places to lie in the sun or shade while spending the day at the pool.

The Catskill Mountains offer a stunning backdrop and peaceful atmosphere for unwinding and cooling down in the summer. We hope you take advantage of the beautiful weather by spending time in the water in the Great Western Catskills.

Photo courtesy of A River Runs Through It