Table to Farm Tours

Often when visitors plan a trip to Delaware County, they are eager to get their hands dirty. They want to visit a farm, play with animals and taste that which grows on the land. Table to Farm Tours, a new company located in Roxbury, New York is bringing visitors directly to the farm. They are looking to take people beyond the road side farm stands, offering guided tours in their brand-new and comfortable vehicle. Participants will sample products made, grown and packaged on the farm, learn the challenges and successes of small farming and have the opportunity to bring some of the Catskills home with them.


The company is the brainchild of Kevin and Lindsay, a couple who just recently made the Catskills their full-time home after having fallen in love with an area that has been close to Kevin’s family’s heart for over 100 years. Before committing to the Catskills permanently, Kevin and Lindsay were like many visitors and weekenders, hitting the farmers markets and farm stands in an effort to purchase the freshest produce, the most delicious lovingly raised meats and picking up the most amazing locally produced products. While enjoying their ritual of hitting all the markets, they also knew they wanted an even closer connection with the farmers. One morning over an amazing breakfast of local eggs, greens, and bacon, the the idea for Table to Farm Tours was born.


Their goal is to connect the dots for everyone who joins one of their tours, curating tours to a variety of local producers from creameries to tea blenders, veggie farms to hard cideries, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Each tour offered is created just for Farm to Table Tours, carefully connecting visitors to fantastic experiences where they’ll be meeting  farmers, hear their stories, learn about their philosophies, walk the farms and taste incredible Catskills made, grown and harvested food and drink.


Every tour is different and new tours are added regularly so we suggest you visit their website to check out the latest offerings. All tours leave from the Roxbury General Store or Roxbury Wine and Spirits on the main street of Roxbury, New York. Roxbury is just 2.5 hours north of the George Washington Bridge.

Interested in learning more? Visit to find out more.