Summer and Fall Hikes in the Catskills

There is nothing better than spending a day outside in the Great Western Catskills. In the summer, the lush green landscape is fully encompassing, with the smell of tall grasses and wildflowers sweetening the air. In the fall, the crisp refreshing air, sound of crunchy leaves, and stunning foliage invigorate the senses.  Below are a few favorite hikes to get you in the wild, with sun on your face and views that take your breath away. There is a variety of terrain shared below, ranging from easy to difficult. For even more options, visit the hiking page on

Palmer Hill Trail 
Andes, NY
Located on Finkle Road, off State Route 28.
Hike Length: 1.6 miles or 2.1 with a total of 3.1 miles of trail

Palmer Hill Trail is on an old farmstead that offers two looping trails. These gentle trails are well-maintained offering exceptional views of the valley that the entire family can enjoy. Because of the amount of uninterrupted trees in this expansive view, this is one of the greatest places to scout the fall foliage. 

Photo courtesy of the DEC

Bear Spring Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Colchester and Walton, NY
Located on Trout Brook Road and West Trout Brook Road with access points and parking lots on both sides of the road.
Hike length: There are many trails in this park. Follow this link for details on each. 

Bear Spring Mountain consists of 7,000 acres of land with 11 miles of hiking trails accessible year-round. The park encompasses a vast multi-use trail system that can be used for day hikers of every fitness and experience level. The trails vary from easy and gentle with breathtaking vistas to those that are more strenuous with steeper grades and more challenging terrain.

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Dry Brook Ridge Trail, Pakatakan Mountain 
Margaretville, NY
Located on Southside Road
Hike Length: 13.6 miles for the entire trail, 1.8 miles out and back to the summit.

Dry Brook Ridge Trail is a challenging and rugged trail of 13.6 miles, with the summit being only 1.8 miles from the beginning. At the summit of Pakatakan Mountain there is an extensive view of the Pepacton Reservoir. This provides a gorgeous view of lush greenery in the summer months and even more stunning view of oranges, reds, and yellows in the fall.

View from the top of Bramley Mountain. Trees in front of a view of the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

Photo by Daryl Kovalic

Bramley Mountain Trail
Delhi and Bovina, NY
Located on Glen Burnie Road, Delhi, NY
Hike Length: 3.9 mile loop.

Bramley Mountain Trail makes a complete loop and reaches an elevation of 2,817 feet at the summit. There are numerous views at the top with the woods trail passing an abandoned bluestone quarry, impressive rock outcroppings and cliffs. This is a beloved trail, one worth visiting in the summer and fall.