Roam the Empire

It’s been a year. You may have been working at home, schooling at home and just stuck at home in general. As the trees start to bud and the flowers start to bloom, promises of summer fun feel almost in your grasp. You’d love to get out of your neighborhood,  you’d love to go somewhere fun. Might we suggest, you Roam the Empire. 

While visions of Tahitian Islands might have been the first vacation idea that came to mind, we’d like to offer up an alternative. We’d like you to consider vacationing in New York State. There is absolutely something for everyone. Whether your idea of vacation is an evening at a winery or wine bar downtown, New York has it.  Whether your ideal stay is a beautiful loft in a historic building or an off-grid cabin in the woods, New York has it. If you want to unwind at a rooftop pool or a natural lake surrounded by forest, New York has it. Find the perfect New York experience for you.

We welcome you to visit the Great Western Catskills of Delaware County. If you are visiting from New York City, might we suggest a stop in Kingston, Hudson, Calicoon or Livingston Manor as you head our way.

After you spend some time with us, might we suggest a quick drive to the adorable cities of Troy, Ithaca or Saratoga Springs?

The possibilities are endless but we know one thing for sure, there is a vacation that is perfect for you in New York State. Plan your adventure now and Roam the Empire with us!