You’ll Fall In Love With This Quiet New York Town That Has More Books Than People in Only in Your State

by Lea Monroe

Pick any one of New York’s towns out of a hat and you’ll almost always be pleasantly surprised by what you can find in these off-the-grid locations. Away from all of our major cities where places like this are filled with a unique charm of their own, back in 2005 thanks to local entrepreneur Don Dales, the tiny village of Hobart became the first and only book village to exist east of the Mississippi River. Talk about amazing!

If you’ve never explored this teensy village on your own, prepare to be flabbergasted. A destination that’s so adorable you’ll kick yourself for not discovering it sooner, you’re going to want to make some room on your bookshelves because it’s time to go digging for gems in the Hobart Book Village.

Tucked away in the Northern Catskill Mountains, the small village of Hobart is home to less than 500 residents and has become quite the popular place for book lovers to visit. After buildings on Main Street sat abandoned for extensive periods of time, a vision of turning this place into a real-life book village came to be. Since the story began in 2005, things have only gotten sweeter with time here in Hobart.

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