Where To Eat And Drink In The Catskills in The Infatuation

by Hannah Albertine

The Catskills have changed quite a bit since the days of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Dirty Dancing-style resorts, and anybody trying to put baby in a corner. (There are fewer Hemlock trees and way more breweries now, for example). But there’s still plenty of beautiful, pointy mountains to climb, non-polluted air to breathe, and lots of trout to eat. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend, going to seven barn weddings in a row, dropping off your kid at camp, or living in the area, use our guide to all the best restaurants and bars in six Catskills towns.


Dragonfly Coffee

Open for takeout, indoor seating, and outdoor seating Fridays to Sundays.

Andes doesn’t feel nearly as New York City-invaded as Phoenicia or Woodstock, and there’s really just one small section of Main Street with a wine shop, general store, a farmer stand, and this very cute Italian coffee shop. In addition to drinks, Dragonfly serves sandwiches and Italian pastries like a flourless almond cake that somehow stays moist. Stop by and recharge on their back deck next to a little stream before you go hiking.

Wayside Cider

Open for takeout and outdoor seating on Fridays to Sundays from noon to 8pm.

Aside from hiking, the coffee shop, and the unfortunately-closed Two Old Tarts bakery, the biggest attraction in Andes is Wayside Cider. You can go ahead and add this cider brewery to your list of Catskill wedding venue fantasies (even if you’re already married or you insist you don’t believe in the concept). There are a bunch of spaced-out tables in the grass, as well as a barn with picnic tables if it happens to start pouring during your hike on the Andes Rail Trail nearby. The cider here ranges from funky to crisp and classic, including an excellent beet-based option you should try if only to broaden your beverage horizons just slightly. When you get hungry, order a charcuterie board or the smoked trout plate.

Bovina Center

Brushland Eating House

Open for BBQ takeout on Thurdays, which you can pre-order in advance here.

Brushland Eating House is on the far western side of the Catskills, and it’s worth driving out of your way for (even if that means navigating dark dirt roads without cell service, and subsequent utter panic on the way there). It’s on the first floor of an old farmhouse, and the space has floor-to-ceiling windows, a giant bar, and nice wooden banquettes. The menu is short, but they always do a few seasonal specials. We’d recommend focusing on those, and also getting the pork schnitzel, some excellent wine, and the olive oil cake for dessert. Catskills Vogue doesn’t exist, but they would be all over this place. And if you’re picking just one restaurant to go to in the Catskills, this is it. Right now, they’re only offering weekly-changing BBQ platters for pick-up on Thursdays. Make sure to follow them on Instagram here for updates.

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