Food Food Trip: Discover 13 Delicious Multicultural Dishes in Upstate NY in NYup

By Chuck D’Imperio

Upstate New York is certainly a melting pot if nothing else. And nowhere is that more evident than in the delicious diverse foods found around the region. Here is a “sampler plate” for you to explore for a unique meal when you are on the road. This is just a starter list as there are hundreds of wonderful “global” restaurants and bakeries in Upstate.


Tulip and Rose (Franklin)

A lot of Turkish nuances on the menu in this hidden gem in Franklin (Delaware County). The owner/chefs give this tiny little town a real “global sampler” of a restaurant. Several countries are represented in the food choices, and Turkey is one of them. How about some Tavuk Iskender (toasted pita with grilled chicken and tomatoes)? Or Baba Ganoush (roasted eggplant pate with pomegranate molasses)? The dining room has unique art on the walls and ceiling.

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