Are these the wackiest hotel rooms in America?

Inside the property with incredible fantasy bedrooms, from a Cinderella room with a pumpkin bathroom to a coffin bed in Dracula’s castle

The Daily Mail wrote an article exploring the over-the-top fantasy suites at the Roxbury Experience in Roxbury, NY. Read the whole article and browse all of the images here. Read a brief of the article below:

“It’s as if ‘Alice in Wonderland married Willy Wonka and set up residence in Oz’.

That’s how the owners of The Roxbury, a boutique hotel based in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, describe their wacky, themed hotel.

The Roxbury is divided into two properties: The Roxbury Motel, the original 28-room property, and the Roxbury at Stratton Falls, which comprises seven rooms in a historic mansion as well as five standalone properties.

The owners are keen to emphasize what they would like their guests to experience: ‘We want you to feel that immediacy of emotion that seeing a great film or play can produce. Only instead of just watching the production, we want to provide you with the ability to be IN the production. To live the fantasy’.

The hotel is the brainchild of Gregory Henderson and his husband, Joseph Massa, who met in New York in the 1980s. The pair went on to open The Roxbury Motel in 2004 and have been expanding ever since, adding bizarre new rooms to the site before eventually opening neighboring Stratton Falls in 2020.

The two properties are located just two miles apart. The motel section of The Roxbury aims to ‘shy away from typical minimalism’ and ‘push the boundaries of wow factor’.

The rooms range from small studios to themed suites, accommodating up to ten people. ‘MaryAnn’s Coconut Cream Pie’ from the American series Gilligan’s Island is just one of the outlandishly decorated rooms. Featuring a whipped-cream-style ceiling and ‘pie crust paneling’, it’s designed to make you feel as if you’re inside a pie.”

Read the entire article by the Daily Mail here.