15 Unique Vacation Rentals and Places to Stay in New York in I Love NY

by I LOVE NY Staff

Craving a getaway with a unique twist? These New York State vacation rentals and places to stay differ from the usual hotel experience with private entrances, remote locations, and lots of outdoor space for recreation. From rustic cabins to luxury hideaways to glamping in the city or in the country, these lodgings offer ways to get away from it all.

Stay in a Fairytale Cottage at The Roxbury at Stratton Falls (Catskills)

Few New York vacation rentals can compete with the uniqueness of the cottages that are part of the Roxbury Motel/Roxbury At Stratton Falls complex in the Catskills. Each of the seven available units in the Tower Cottages at Stratton Falls has a different theme, from superheroes to Cinderella, with the fantastical decor to match. The cottages feature multiple bedrooms and unexpected elements such as a “glass octagonal rooftop stargazing observation conservatory,” one of the features of the “Galileo’s Gate” room. Stratton Falls also features a spa and pool at the whimsical “Crooked Cabana” (pictured). This gem of a lodging sells out on key weekends, so book far in advance.

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