Pod Dining in Delaware County

We were fortunate to enjoy an incredible summer which allowed us to leave our homes again, gather with friends and loved ones at safe distances while enjoying the warm summer days and cool nights by glowing fire pits. We also got to resume our love of going out to eat as we are fortunate enough to have a lot of eateries with outdoor dining in the Great Western Catskills.

As summer turned to fall and temperatures began to dip, those of us who are not interested in dining inside found our opportunities to go out to eat diminish. Some of our eateries have come up with innovative and unique ways to make sure we can continue to enjoy a good meal outside of our own homes. They responded and created pod dining opportunities like these:


Brushland Eating House. Photo by Christian Harder.


Reports were that people were driving up from New York City just to get BBQ at Brushland Eating House (1927 County Highway 6, Bovina, 607.832.4861) every Thursday when this favorite Main Street eatery moved from hosting their regular sit-down dinners to a well-organized BBQ take-out festival of food each week in response to COVID-19.  As temperatures dropped, Brushland began to offer private dining. They offer the restaurant to one single party for the whole night with a tailored menu. Perfect for a small celebration or large family dinner, Brushland Eating House offers pod dining any night of the week.

Courtesy of Bull & Garland.


After enjoying their adorable beer garden and porch all summer, Bull & Garland (760 Main Street, Hobart, 607.538.3006) was one of the first restaurants to offer pod dining. They took a cozy nook in their warm and welcoming British Pub in Hobart and created a private dining space that seats up to 7 people comfortably.


Mountain Brook Inn. Photo by Torkil Stavdal.


Going to a dinner at the Mountain Brook Inn (5333 Co Rd 6, Bovina Center, 607.832.4662) has always been a special experience. It is the perfect place for a celebratory dinner with family and friends with an ever-changing dinner menu (that often includes the most incredible crème Brule to finish), a meal in this restaurant is like visiting the cozy kitchen of your favorite uncle. Mountain Brook Inn owner Gary Simmons makes everyone feel welcome and leave satisfied with every bite of his carefully crafted meals. While offering only take out for most of the pandemic, in addition to Saturday to go, Mountain Brook Inn is now offering ten guests at one time for inside dining at socially distanced seating.


The Andes Hotel. Photo by Christian Harder.


The Andes Hotel (110 Main Street, Andes, 845.676.4408) is turning room service on its head. While the restaurant offers indoor dining since closing its courtyard and porch dining with the colder weather, they are now offering private dining in two of their hotel rooms for up to eight guests in the same party. Guests can enjoy their regular menu or specials, a full bar and have the entire room for themselves and their friends.

As is the case for all these pod dining experiences, reservations are required, and all eateries suggest booking well in advance to ensure availability. Check the websites or call ahead for more details. We will continue to add to this area as we learn or more private dining opportunities in the Great Western Catskills.