Weaver Hollow Beer brewed in Andes

Weaver Hollow Brewery

Weaver Hollow is a brewery, making slow and naturally fermented ales in an old creamery in the Catskill Mountains of Andes, New York. They utilize native mineral profiles of their well water, along with house mixed-cultures, avoiding commercial yeast. They produce beer that reflects the land around them. Inspired by old-world wallonian farm ales, Weaver Hollow is aged in french oak barrels and feature a restrained tartness but with an ultimately dry, drinkable and refreshing flavor.

They offer regular opportunities to visit the brewery to pick up to go ales and they are planning on opening their tap room this summer.

You can find the places to purchase Weaver Hollow by clicking here. Follow them on Instagram to get the latest information on their hours of operation and visit their site for more information.