The Tulip & The Rose

The chefs at The Tulip & The Rose are masters in Turkish, Malay, Indian, Mediterranean cooking along with traditional American and Continental European specialties. Their aim is to bring global tastes to the area using local ingredients.

From their humble beginnings at the Franklin Farmer’s Market on Sundays grilling gyros, The Tulip and the Rose opened its doors in 2014, offering a menu of omelettes, pancakes, burgers, and their famous gyros.

Every Tuesday they have a new menu with various regional specialties including Mediterranean, Malay, Indian, French, Thai, Persian, Russian, Vietnamese, and many more. Over time, they have expanded to a constantly changing schedule featuring a new dinner menu every Friday and Saturday. Check out their calendar to see what regions they will be highlighting every week.

Named one of the “Best Places to Eat in the Catskills,” they continue to bring delicious food and an atmosphere of sharing and enjoying to the area.

Find their hours, menus, special events and more by visiting them on Facebook and Instagram.