The Kaaterskill House

The Kaaterskill House is an 1890’s era boarding house that in the recent past had a working coffee shop on the street level. Their guest rooms are on the second floor and are in the process of being renovated but are clean and comfortable when we have guests. You are welcome to use the coffee shop space on the first floor, you will have access to a small fridge and a microwave. The second floor has the guest rooms, a sitting room and a full bath.

Guests will also have access to most of the first floor and all of the second floor, the side yard and picnic area down by the Delaware River. There is a room on the first floor which is closed to guests in the evening but you will have access to in the morning, courtesy coffee will be available to you in this room.

Until COVID-19, The Kaaterskill House was a hostel with shared bathrooms, they recently changed it over to a single listing. The first floor is a former coffee shop space you get as a seating area. The main thing that sets this listing apart from a traditional home is that there is no kitchen. There is a fridge, microwave and grill however. There is no kitchen sink or kitchen counter.

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