Skytop Springs Trout Farm

Skytop Springs Fish Farm

Skytop Springs Fish Farm is a family owned and operated aquaculture operation focused on the responsible use of our resources in order to grow the healthiest, most delicious and beautiful Kamloops Rainbow Trout. We raise trout solely for the purpose of food so we care deeply about the quality of the fish we produce – from the water we rear our trout in, to the highest quality premium feed they eat – every aspect of the growth of our fish are monitored from the time they hatch, to the time they’re ready for market. At Skytop Springs we raise our trout from hatching to harvest as well as process and smoke – all on our farm located in Delaware County. Supplying restaurants, specialty grocers, farmers’ markets and you! We prepare our trout whole (dressed), deboned fillet, butterflied, and our specialty – Northwest Style Hot-Smoked. Skytop Springs is one of only two freshwater land-based aquaculture operations in the state recognized as New York State Grown & Certified.

Tours are available by appointment. Please contact the farm to arrange.