Shavertown Trail

The Shavertown Trail gives visiting families and novice hikers a unique opportunity in the Catskills and a spectacular view after only one moderately strenuous mile. You’ll break a sweat as you climb 520 feet in that first mile, but it is so worth it. Wander past a lovely pond, complete with pink and white water lilies in season, and enjoy the spectacular view of the Pepacton Reservoir.

The new Tremperskill Overlook Spur at the Shavertown Trail is complete. The 0.7 mile addition is marked in blue and runs north from its intersection with the Snake Pond Loop Trail (red) approximately 0.2 miles west of the pond.

The combined length of the Shavertown Trail is now 3.3 miles. It leads to two great views of the surrounding mountains and the Pepacton Reservoir. The trail begins 0.1 mile up the road from the Shavertown Bridge parking area and climbs moderately for 0.3 miles before becoming an easy-moderate hike on a woods road to the pond and then through mixed forest.