Rosemary Farm Sanctuary

Rosemary Farm is ‘Where horses get to be horses’. Their mission is to rescue horses in need, and protect them for life. When they arrive here, they are home.

They provide each with the care, training, and space to recover, for however long they need. The horses live in dynamic natural environments, in herd groups, creating vital bonds that are honored and protected.

While adoption is not their focus, select horses may be available to adopt, under a limited contract, to the right home. In addition to being a horse rescue, they educate horse owners and the general public about how they can improve both the physical and emotional guardianship of horses.

Join them any Saturday during the summer, at 11 am sharp, for a 90 minute Walking Tour of Rosemary Farm Sanctuary. These tours will be held every Saturday from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend! Meet your favorite RF horses, see the historic farm, enjoy horses being horses. Private visits are also available and they even have an AirBnB rental on the property if you’d like to stay the night!

Give them a call or visit their website to schedule your time to visit with the horses.