Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve

As one of the only private forest preserves in the region, the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve is dedicated to continued support and protection of the natural and human heritage of the Catskill Mountain Region.  The trail system on the Preserve showcases a prime example of the mosaic of Catskill Mountain lands.  Handmade stone walls that once likely lined Hardenburgh patent pastures now lay below stands of mature Maple, Beech and Black Cherry trees, open fields give way to native blueberries, and suddenly, a boulder; a gift from a glacier.

As stewards of 101 acres of permanently protected land, the preserve supports a biologically rich and diverse population of flora and fauna. In furtherance of these activities, the preserve offers primitive temporary shelter to scientists, historians, artists, and the general public. The preserve also uses a combination of visual and performing arts to engage action by individuals and organizations.