Kerrs Creek Distillery

Kerrs Creek is  New York farm distillery  that operates on a farm. With a history in distilling that goes back to the prohibition ear, this family now had a license requires that they make their products from ingredients produced in New York state.  The get their apples, potatoes, corn and all other grains from New York growers. Apples and Potatoes are grown in Delaware County, on their farm and their neighbor’s farm, while the corn and other grains are grown in the Finger Lakes Region.

They now make small batch,  distilled beverages using the best ingredients. You can find Kerr’s Creek Silver Moon Vodka, a limited release Silver Moon Apple Flavored Vodka, Ishka Triple Malt Whiskey and Easy Speaker Bourbon Whiskey at fine bottle shops, farmers markets and special events.

While they don’t have a tasting room, you can visit their site to purchase online for shipping in New York State by clicking here. You can also find a list of where their products are sold and an upcoming events they will be attending.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.