Dirt Road Camp

Enjoy an off-the-grid experience with 45 acres devoted to exploring without feeling crowded. Each site is private and far from others, with 500+ environmentally protected acres just over the ridge. Hike, play and stay: Whether their amazing all-season Colorado wall tent, rugged Lean-Too cabin, group camping site in an ancient bluestone quarry, or just a remote site to pitch a tent and relax, they harken back to olden camping days without sacrificing comfort and modern amenities. The entire mountain is also available to rent for reunions and events, and they are open year-round!

Dirt Ground Camp is offering fully remote check in. Each guest gets at least an acre (probably more) to themselves. Pets are welcome as long as guests clean up after them. Dirt Road Camp provides fresh firewood and water during your stay.

Clean and environmentally responsible outhouses are available to all of  campers.  Private outhouses are available at the “Lean-Too” and Peak site. Their bathhouse offers a warm outdoor shower using harvested rain water that is fully filtered. Cell phone signals are strong at the campground and recharging is available.

To learn more and make a reservation visit their website.