Catskill Scenic Trail

The Catskill Scenic Trail is a 26-mile recreational path that meanders along some the most glorious countryside in Upstate New York. It lies on top of the former rail bed of the Ulster & Delaware Railroad, and with its wide path, gentle grade and durable surface, the trail has become an ideal recreational destination as it traces a leisurely path through stunning Catskill Mountain terrain. The trail is enjoyed year-round by thousands of folks for biking, hiking, cross-country skiing and horseback riding.

Parking for the Catskill Scenic Trail is available at:

  • The Trailhead on Route 10. north of Bloomville
  • The Railroad Depot on Railroad Avenue, Stamford
  • The intersection of Route 30 and Ferris Hill Road, just south of Grand Gorge
  • The designated area on Route 30, at the base of Hardscrabble Road, just north of Roxbury