International Cuisines of Delaware County

While meandering through the countryside along the Delaware River, with its arresting views and unsullied air, it’s very possible you’ll work up an appetite. What’s available to you? A burger? Pizza? A good steak? Sure, these traditional favorites are always available, but Delaware County’s culinary disposition is far more expansive than one might think. In recent years, there has formed a clutch of establishments that bring with them an international flair.

In an unassuming corner of Sidney, there is a small gem of a restaurant called Bavaria (27 Division Street, Sidney, NY 13838, 607.206.6927), serving traditional German cuisine. The story goes that aft er hosting a very large family dinner together, Ulrike and her daughter Stephanie started entertaining the idea of opening a restaurant together. The menu boasts a host of German specialties including schnitzel, sauerbraten, tangy red cabbage, sides of dumplings or spaetzle, homemade pretzels, and of course, killer apfelstrudel and Black Forest cake. Stephanie does all the in-house baking while her mother cooks the main meals during service. The interior is a mellow, modern atmosphere in gray and white with fairy lights hung. Wine and beer are also served. They are soon to open a sprawling beer garden for the milder months.

The Tulip and the Rose Cafe (435 Main Street, Franklin, NY 13775, 607.829.4040), is a must for its atmosphere and its food alike. Their cuisine spans the entire southern coast of Europe from Sicily to Cyrpus, and eastward through India and Malaysia. The dishes are characterized by creamy textures, richly fragrant spices, garlic, olives, chilis, and sweet sauces. The weekend brunches cover everything from Benedict’s to Cypriot breakfast with Halloumi cheese, or a Javenese dish with sweet Asian noodles. They also do weekend tapas events from 5-8pm, followed by a dinner menu.


Jimmy Jigmey of Catskill Momos

Since your trek through the Himalayas that year, you have lamented the fact that you will likely never again sink into the warmth and flavor of a Tibetan Momo, right?….No? No matter. Save the plane fare and still get your fix at Catskill Momos (191 Main Street, Delhi, NY 13753, 607.746.2233) of authentic handmade momos made by Wang Dak ”Jimmy” Jigmey. Simply put, Momos are delicious dumplings. Jimmy is Tibetan born, raised in India, Nepal, and has been in the U.S. for decades. His approach to this universally lovable food is a combination of classic and innovative.

Momos are a social food for any occasion and can accommodate most dietary restrictions. If you want something traditional you might try the Momo soup, meat or vegetables in a flavorful broth, almost like soup dumplings. Some more innovative dishes of Jimmy’s are the chickpea momos, which come with two sauces, and chocolate momos, a rich dumpling dessert. Catskill Momos is a great place for ordering a few different items and sharing. The restaurant is bright and casual with prompt and friendly service, and Jimmy is always there with a smile on his face, making sure that you are enjoying yourself.

Trattoria Locale (42287 NY-28, Margaretville, NY 12455, 845.464.5305), the  Italian restaurant in Margaretville, is exactly what the name suggests. Daryl DeBeech and Amy Parks have created a bright and easy room, perfect for burrowing in with some of Daryl’s locally sourced dishes with handmade pastas. Winning dishes such as penne pomodoro and chicken parmigiana are sturdy standards next to a fresh take on others like a cacciatora with rabbit and a salmon puttanesca. A sprawling back deck offers a tranquil outdoor spot with a river view.

Trattoria Locale

Open Wednesday through Saturday, the bar/restaurant in the back of Hollow (84 Main Street Storefront #3, Delhi, 607.746.8731) serves up a variety of dishes with a load of international inspiration, including butter chicken, butter cauliflower and a delicious Korean mushroom and tofu dish, all drawing from chef Jakes’s experience at Momofuku in NYC.

And if you’re in town during the week, you may want to consider stopping by The Andes Hotel (110 Main Street, Andes, 845.676.4408) for dinner and a drink during Taco Tuesday.

This list of impressive restaurants is but a sample of what Delaware County has to offer as far as international eating goes. Check out for the full list of culinary delights, happy eating!