Hanford Mills Museum’s 2021 Virtual Ice Harvest Festival

The current pandemic may be keeping Hanford Mills Museum from hosting their annual Ice Harvest Festival in person this coming February, but that’s not stopping them from bringing you all the winter fun!

For the 2021 festival, the museum will offer multiple virtual events and at-home activities all about the rural winter tradition of ice harvesting by celebrating Ice Harvests of the past and they’re asking you to join in!

Do you have an Ice Harvest Festival memory to share? Please send your memories, along with photos and/or videos if you like. Everyone’s memories will be collected and shared on the museum’s website and/or social media.

And if you can, please support the restaurants that have provided soup at past Ice Harvests, and also the local businesses, farmers, and artisans that have exhibited at Ice Harvests. Here is a list of who came to the February 2020 Ice Harvest.

The goal for the 2021 virtual Ice Harvest Festival is to offer a fun and rewarding shared experience that many of us are missing these days.

More details will be coming in January about the plans for the year’s festival. Visit the museum’s website to stay in the loop.

We’ll all see each other again at this not-to-be-missed festival in 2022!