For the Love of Protein

Not only is Delaware County becoming a culinary destination because of the incredible access to fresh food and the surge of new restaurants opening, it’s also beloved because of the abundance of specialty food purveyors who call the Great Western Catskills home. In addition to our local cheeses, spices, maple products, distilled beverages and more being available at our farm stores, stands, markets, supermarkets and restaurants, we also have a few specialty shops focused on meat and fish. Not only can you buy incredible cuts and perfectly prepared meals, you can also talk to your butcher and fishmonger to get inspired about food. These experts are as passionate as they are knowledgeable and love to introduce visitors to the best of what Delaware County has to offer. You can also find these skilled professionals offering talks, demonstrations, and workshops that allow any inspired person to truly get to know their food.

Solinsky’s Meats (103 Main Street, Stamford, 607.652.2333) is owned and operated by the team of Michael Solyn and Caitlan Clare Grady. Solinsky’s is an adorable delicatessen storefront specializing in charcuterie, smoked meats and sausages that are available at their shop as well as wholesale. They provide meat to local restaurants like Wayside Cider (55 Redden Lane, Andes) and the shop is also a certified USDA meat processing facility. Stop by Solinsky’s to find ever-evolving assortment of locally raised grass-fed meats, showcasing the quality and abundance of the region. Solinskly’s combines great knowledge with a great love for the farming communities in the Great Western Catskills.


Catskills Regional Harvest (27905 State Highway 28, Andes, 607.427.9848) is a farm store offering products from over 120 local and regional producers. It’s also a seafood and whole animal butcher shop offering pasture-raised meat from local farms like Evans and Evans Farm in Andes and the Deysenroth Farm in Bloomville. Catskill Regional Harvest is in the Delaware County Foodworks building which is a shared commercial kitchen, training and event space where they offer culinary and beverage specific tastings, workshops and more. Visit the Delaware County Foodworks Facebook page to find out more about the classes and events.

Sal’s Traditional Meat Center Inc. (51996 Main St Bloomville, 607.538.1816) is a traditional butcher shop, local meat market and sandwich shop. Ask any local and hear them rave about their giant, meaty sandwiches and amazing subs.

As the name clearly states, Meat & Flowers (35813 NY-10, Hamden, 607.261.0945) offers up an unusual combination of items in their flora-and-fauna-themed shop. They not only focus on local pasture-raised meats and meat accompaniments such as brine kits and condiments, but also fresh and dried flowers and “fantastic things vintage.” Bringing together the local farm goods of the region, Meat & Flowers stocks local pasture-raised meats — from Thanksgiving turkeys to award-winning pork, beef and lamb — along with specialty products from heritage butcher brand Schaller & Weber.

If you are up for an adventure, consider visiting Delaware Delicacies Smoke House (420 Rhodes Rd, Hancock, 607.673.4443) where you will meet owner and operator Ray Turner. While finding the Smoke House, which is nestled in the woods and accessed via dirt roads, may take some time and commitment, it will be worth the trip if you are a fan of fresh fish, meats and smoked eel, the smoke house specialty, sourced from an eel weir on their property’s river bend. The smoking is done in house as well. Come spend the day at Delaware Delicacies to discover their smoked meats and fish while meeting some of the fantastic locals who make up this great region.

The above-mentioned destinations are just a few of the incredible meat and fish purveyors where visitors can shop while having a truly unique experience. Please visit for a complete list of places to shop and eat in our area.