Ask a Local-Dan Finn, Bovina Valley Farms & Creamery

Dan Finn is a farmer and a partner in Bovina Valley, LLC.  Bovina Valley is a collection of regional, family-run businesses that have come together with a shared heritage and common purpose. They take the best practices passed down through generations and give new life to them by producing the highest quality products and experiences for our customers, near and far.

At Bovina Valley, they create Cowbella™ milk, yogurt, cheese and butter made in small batches with only the purest ingredients and by the same people who raise the cows and run their  farms. Their new Creamery is bringing the tradition of dairy processing back to Bovina, a  small corner of New York State where being cow-crazy, freshness-obsessed, single sourced and farmer-owned says as much about their  passions as it does about their products.

We asked Dan to share some of his favorite things about Delaware County.

You can download his suggestions here here  or scroll down below the pictures to find them there.

Photos courtesy of Bovina Valley and Cowbella by Bovina Valley. 



Dan Finn
Bovina Valley Farms & Creamery
64 Creamery Road
Bovina Center, New York

Dan Suggests Visitors Enjoy

•  Hiking trails all around Delaware County

• Driving around the back roads of our area

• Observing animals in nature.

• Experience all four seasons in wide open spaces.

• Eating farm fresh food like yogurt, cheese and butter, produced right here in Delaware County.

• Visit active farms that welcome visitors.

• Experience the process of maple syrup making.

• Seeing where food is coming from, how it is made, and how animals are treated.

A Few  Favorite Spots to Eat & Drink

Table On Ten
52030 NY 10
Bloomville, NY 13739
(607) 643-6509

The Shire Pub
123 Main Street
Delhi, NY 13753
(607) 746-8758

A Suggestion on Where to Stay

Dry Town Tavern
1825 Co Rd 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740