Antique Love

“There are a lot of unique little shops in the area. It’s an antiquer’s or 2nd hand shopper’s paradise. I find unexpected treasures at farmers’ markets, craft shows and church bazaars.” – Linda Thorington, Andes, NY

The quaint small villages of Delaware County and the quieter pace of life away from big cities can easily evoke a sense of nostalgia for times gone by. If you appreciate the beauty and value of antiques, you can satisfy that longing by browsing some of our unique antique and vintage stores. 

If you’re new to antiquing, here are a few things to know. (Source: Houzz)

What is an antique? An item must be at least 100 years old to be officially considered antique. (“Vintage” may be younger, generally at least 20 years old.) Antiques have character, patina and a sense of history. Usually well constructed from fine materials, they were built to last. Antiques hold or increase their value over time.

Educate yourself by reading books about the styles of different time periods, or just ask a shop owner. Most are happy to share their knowledge.

How to spot a great piece? The five signs of a valuable antique are its rarity, authenticity, good condition, aesthetics, and current desirability. Study the item: is it well constructed and cared for? Ask the seller about its history. Make note of any cracks, stains, or broken parts. If you intend to use and display the item in your home, follow your heart and think of your needs and preferences first, and consider any investment value a bonus.

Provenance is proof of the origin of an item: a purchase receipt, historic record or professional appraisal. These are generally only provided for rare or high-value items.

Now how about making a weekend of it: explore the treasures in our area shops, stop for lunch or dinner in a nearby eatery and stay overnight to start again in the morning? There are plenty shops to visit – some may have odd hours so be sure to call ahead.