Alpine Osteria

Couples, pay for your lodging for two or three nights and ski three consecutive days for $99 per person.

Now World Famous (really, we are!), our increasingly popular upstate New York Catskills Bed and Breakfast is located on the access road that takes you directly to New York's Belleayre Mountain Ski Resort in the winter (just 30 seconds up the road by car!) and the Belleayre Music Festival in the summer (only two minutes away!). No other upstate New York Bed and Breakfast or Catskills Bed and Breakfast or any other Belleayre lodging for that matter is closer! This point is well worth repeating...NO OTHER UPSTATE NEW YORK BED AND BREAKFAST OR CATSKILLS B & B OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF BELLEAYRE LODGING ESTABLISHMENT IS CLOSER than the Alpine Osteria!!! So if you want to be close to the action, than come check us out (you will spend less time on the road and not be backed up in traffic that is leaving the mountain at day's end...if you don't stay with us, you will see what we mean).


Phone number:  (845) 254-9851