Get Outdoors! Take a Hike in the Great Western Catskills

Experience the magic of the outdoors here in the Great Western Catskills! Hiking is free and simple to do, and great for any time of year. Hike our scenic trails and breathe in some fresh mountain air - there's nothing quite like it!

Suggested trails

Catskill Scenic Trail – 26 miles, EASY to MODERATE
Built on a former rail bed, the trail lives up to its name as it winds through a broad farming valley and small towns in New York's Catskill Mountains from Bloomville to Roxbury. Suitable for hiking, biking and riding. Trailheads are located on Route 10 in Bloomville or on Route 30 and Hardscrabble Road in Roxbury. Click for more info

Andes Rail Trail - 4-mile loop, EASY
Two miles on the flat rail bed, another 2 miles on a moderate hiking trail. New trail with easy access from downtown Andes at 266 Depot Street. Click for more info

Palmer Hill Trail - 3.7 miles each way, EASY to MODERATE
New trail with four possible hiking combinations from easy to moderate, each taking you through beautiful wildflower meadows with breathtaking views of some of the Catskill’s highest peaks. The trailhead is located just off Route 28 between Margaretville and Andes (2 miles from downtown Andes and 9 miles from Margaretville), with parking available at the existing scenic overlook site on Finkle Road. Click for more info

Bramley Mountain Trail – 4-mile loop, MODERATE
Brand new trail built by the Catskill Mountain Club, it leads to the summit of Bramley mountain, where there are open views, a former fire tower, and an abandoned bluestone quarry. Impressive cliffs and caves line the footpath between the summit and the quarry. Access the trail by parking on Glen Burnie Rd, one mile south and uphill of its intersection with County Road 18, Delhi.
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Big Pond to Alder Lake - 6 miles round trip, MODERATAE
Offers swimming at the start in Big Pond, then a lovely, moderately strenuous hike (follow the red trail out of the Big Pond parking area), to swim again at beautiful Alder Lake. Click for more info

Shavertown Trail – 5.3 miles round trip, MODERATE
Hikers are rewarded with a spectacular view of Pepacton Reservoir after only one uphill mile followed by a fairly level mile and a half through beautiful rock ledges and wonderful forest to explore. The trailhead is on County Rt 1, about a tenth of a mile north of the intersection of Route 30 and County Rt 1 in Andes. Park at the parking lot by the bridge. Click for more info

Rock Rift Fire Tower - 7 miles round trip, CHALLENGING
This new trail climbs through a bluestone quarry to a fire tower high above the Cannonsville Reservoir. The steep trail climbs over 1,000 feet. Trailhead is located at the northern end of Apex Bridge, at the intersection of Route 10 and County Road 268 on the Cannonsville Reservoir in Tompkins, NY. Click for more info

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Hiking essentials

Check the weather forecast before you head out. Know the rules and regulations of the area. Whether you are going for a day hike or backpacking overnight, it is also good practice to carry some essentials with you to help you enjoy your outing and provide basic safety gear. Use this checklist provided by New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

For more health and safety tips, click here.